"If there is a domaine in Chassagne that can challenge Puligny's Domaine Leflaive for the overall consistency and excellence of their white wines, it is Domaine Ramonet" – Remington Norman & Charles Taylor, MW

There are several great white wine makers in Burgundy, in Meursault, there is Lafon, Guy Roulot and Coche-Dury. In Puligny, there is Leflaive, Carillon and Sauzet. But there is only 1 king of the hill in Chassagne and he is no other than Ramonet.

Along with Guy Roulot, Louis Carillon, Leflaive, and Bonneau du Martray, Domaine Ramonet was one of the handful of domaines who was recently elevated to the rank of a 3-star domaine by renowned critic Clive Coates in his latest book on the wines of Burgundy.  Joining the original quintet of DRC, Lafon, de Vogue, Rousseau and Leroy.


The Ramonet domaine, now in the hands of Noel Ramonet and his brother Jean Claude, produces different wines from most of the others that I admire in Burgundy. Elsewhere I love the subtlety, the quality restrained finesse and discreet balance. Here, we have assertive wines: big, dangerous, dramatic and exciting. Sometimes they don't come off. But when, most of the time, they do, they explode in the glass. This is large (17ha) estate, with a number of premier crus in Chassagne and elsewhere, but most importantly 0.45ha in Batard and 0.53ha in Bienvenues, not to mention 0.26ha in Le Montrachet iteself. Ramonet has no parallels, not equals: it is unique and magnificent. - Clive Coates, Decanter Magazine May 2008

For lovers of white burgundy, Domaine Ramonet needs no introduction. Another of our exclusive agency, the Domaine is widely acknowledged as making the finest wines in Chassagne. Started by Grandfather Pierre Ramonet about 90 years ago, this domaine has established itself over the years as the producer of riveting whites coveted all over the world. Since 1984, the Ramonet brothers Noel and Jean-Claude have been the Domaine's winemakers and have taken this domaine to the top of the Chassagne hierarchy.

With the exception of some small holdings in Puligny. this is a domaine whose wines come almost entirely from Chassagne. While Noel Ramonet is in charge of the vineyard work, it is hard to get much information about his vineyard management practices.

Winemaking here is never a science but an art. Things are done by instinct and the Ramonet brothers did not have any formal training in winemaking. What they learnt was taught by their grandfather and obviously they have learnt well from the master. If you asked them why they did this or that, they would probably not be able to articulate the rationale properly but whatever they are doing obviously works and works wonderfully !

The wines from this Domaine display explosive lemony-citrus aromatics on the nose and a freshness and minerality in the mouth with very good length and depth even at the village level. The grand crus from the Domaine is even more intense, spherical and majestic and in a class of its own.

Anybody who wants to taste the very best in white Burgundy and see the limits it could reach only need to open up a bottle of Ramonet. However, please only do so after the wines have acquired several years of age in a well stored cellar.